What exactly are you guys trying to do?
In short, we’re here to produce and highlight great content from across the skateboarding world.

We’ve created a web and mobile-device-targeted multimedia digital magazine. Already Been Done is DIY skateboarding media for the modern age.

What’s the plan?
We are producing a feature-based monthly issue, published exclusively on AlreadyBeenDone.com and delivered to mobile devices via the Already Been Done App, which will be available for free from our website.

Skateboarders have an insatiable appetite for fresh content, so in between issues we’ll also be publishing plenty of original and timely content on the web while also pushing it straight to the app, which is designed for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android devices.

Who are you?
We’re headed up by 411 Co-Founder Josh Friedberg and wordsmith Robert Brink. Our feature contributors include Dave Carnie, Eric Swisher (The Chrome Ball Incident), RB Umali, Paul “Animal” Chan, Manolo and Stoya—with more to come soon.

We are a haphazard group of humans who’ve come together for a common cause—supporting what we love the best way we know how. Except for Stoya, we’re still wondering how we managed to pull that one off ….

Enjoy and thanks for stopping by.

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